The Hooga Story


This furniture store is not a regular one…

Every purchase made at Hooga helps aging individuals improve the quality of their golden years.  Hooga Homes and Gardens is a non-profit business established to generate income to the Alama Foundation, which is dedicated to positive aging and healthy living for older adults and elders.  All profit from Hooga Homes and Gardens supports programs like The Infinite Mind Dementia Project, and [Local MP3s in Home Care] Project. 

When your home needs the perfect fit, the exotic conversation piece, the imported craftsmanship, Hooga has it.  You’ll find high quality, handcrafted, imported furniture like our Land of Kings Collection that gives your home that one-of-a-kind flare. At the same time, it gives senior citizens crucial mental and physical attention they need to survive and cherish seniority.

Our customers are not the regular kind…

Our customers are conscientious forward-thinkers. They care about the world around them and the future. They support:

  • Eco-friendly products
  • Sustainable practices
  • Fair trade labor
  • Reclaimed and recycled materials
  • Natural finishes and dyes
  • Unique handcrafted decor
  • Non-profit retail

Become a part of this uncommon story

The hands are all in to help lift and replenish; restore and repair. Reinvent. One small thing, is still something. Add your hand to the stack.

Social Mission

Hooga’s mission is to create all kinds of work, vocations, and opportunities for people who need a skill in order to get a foothold back into society.

There are so many good people coming out of prisons, drug rehabs and sober houses who cannot make it in this world because they have no meaningful skills, can’t get a decent paying job and can’t meet their rent and other obligations. They need someone to give them a break.

Hooga is adopting the old 12th century Germanic apprenticeship model whereby we’re pairing someone one-on-one with skilled professionals such as carpenters, plumbers, electricians, tilers, landscapers, sheet rockers, masons, upholsterers, picture framers, furniture recyclers, bakers and basically any skill still in demand in our society.

Hooga Homes and Gardens belogs to Alama Fund Inc. which is a Massachusetts Non-Profit Corporation which can be verified on the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s website. Alama Fund is a 501©(3) tax-exempt Private Operating Foundation as recognized by the Internal Revenue Service. A copy of the IRS approval letter can be found by clicking here 

The Fund’s EIN is 84-3 544 028

The full value of your contribution is deductible for income tax purposes. An acknowledgement letter will be provided by the Alama Fund Inc. to comply with the rules and regulations promulgated by the Internal Revenue Service.